Auberge Willow Place Inn


32-bar strathspey for three couples in a four-couple longwise set



Original Tune Arrangement:  The Como-Oka Ferry; The Willow That Is No More; Anglo-Franco Melange;

                                                    Herons in Flight (all by John Turner ©Fiddletree Music, 2007)



Bars                                                       Description


                    Como-Oka Ferry

[1st woman and 3rd man represent the two ferries making the simultaneous crossing from opposite banks, then waiting to load; the other dancers represent the cars waiting, then loading on to the ferries.]


1-4           1st woman and 3rd man dance into each other’s place, passing by the left, then set to one another.

At the same time, 1st and 2nd men set and link and 2nd and 3rd women set and link.


5-8           All three couples repeat bars 1-4 back to original places.


               Anglo-Franco Melange – the progression

9-16         1st and 2nd couples, giving both hands to partner, turn once round in two steps to finish in the centre of the dance, 1st couple facing down and 2nd couple facing up.  1st and 2nd couples dance the first four steps of a rondel.  Giving both hands, 1st couple turn 2nd couple once round in the sideline in two steps to finish in progressed places.


               Herons in Flight

17-18       2nd man, 1st woman and 3rd man advance 1 step, join hands momentarily in triangular formation, then retire 1 step to place.


19-20       2nd woman, 1st man and 3rd woman repeat bars 17-18.


21-22       2nd man, 1st woman and 3rd man repeat bars 17-18.

               At the same time, 2nd woman, 1st man and 3rd woman repeat bars 17-18.


23-24       All three couples, giving right hand, turn partner half round to finish facing up in the centre of the set.


               The Willow That Is No More …

25-28       2nd couple, followed by 1st and 3rd couples, lead up and cross at the top of the set, cast round 1st place own side and dance down behind the sideline to place.  The order is 3, 1, 2.


               Ghosts above Room 6

29-32       3rd, 1st and 2nd couples dance set and link around for three couples.


               Repeat the dance having passed a couple.  

               At the end of the 2nd repetition, 3rd couple link into third place in the set as the dancing couple step down to fourth place on the bars 31-32.


Devised by Stella Fogg & Moira Turner, SCD-Richmond VA, IB & Carolinas Branch   June, 2005


The sights, sounds, impressions and tall tales from the terrace of The Willow Place Inn on Lac des Deux Montagnes, Hudson QC, were the inspiration for this dance!


[Suggested Recording:  Irongray on Many Happy Returns, trk 10, by H Cassel & D Wiesler]