The Road Not Taken

for Bob & Penny Gordon from Mississippi

to commemorate a wild ride to a dance at Rhodes Jordan Park (Atlanta) in October 2004!


Suggested Tune: 


8 x 32J for 3 couples in a 4C set                     devised by Moira Turner & Stella Fogg


                    Off We Go

1 – 4        1st couple dance down the middle.  On bar 3, 2nd couple follows.

5 – 8        1st couple dance up between 2nd couple, and 2nd couple follows as 1st couple casts out behind 3rd couple, dances up behind their own sidelines and in to original places at the end of bar 8.

               Round and Round and Round and …

9 – 16      1st and 2nd couples turn partner by the left hand one and a half times, then by the right hand once round to finish in opposite sidelines.

               Asking Directions

17 – 20    1st and 2nd couples dance one place clockwise round the square formed by the two couples and set, facing diagonally in.

21 – 24    1st and 2nd couples repeat bars 17 – 20 to complete the progression.

               U-turn over the Median

25 – 30    1st man crosses the set to his partner’s place, casts up round 2nd woman who is in 1st place, and crosses the set to finish facing out in the sideline above 2nd man


               1st woman dances up, passing in front of partner (left shoulder) to finish between 2nd couple, sets once in a line of three across the dance with 3rd couple, all facing up, then dances up, passing behind partner (left shoulder), to finish facing out in the sideline above 2nd woman.

31 - 32     1st couple cast off to 2nd place on their own side.


Repeat the dance having passed a couple.

 February, 2005



FIG. 1:  Bars 27-28            FIG. 2:  Bars 31-32



   .            2M >  .            2M       1M



                1W >                  TOP            TOP



 1M          2W >    .      .            2W      1W