The Silver Thistle Ball

for The Scottish Country Dancers of Richmond



Original Tune:  ‘Beneath the Willow’ (David Wiesler  © 2003) 



3 x 32S for 3 couples in a 3C set                        devised by Stella Fogg & Moira Turner


1 – 4        1st couple turn right hand and cast off one place.  (2nd couple step up on bars 3 & 4.)

5 – 8        1st couple turn left hand ¾ to finish facing out the ends of the set, 1st man between 2nd couple and 1st woman between 3rd couple; 1st couple cast to the left to 2nd place own side.

9 - 16       1st couple dance “Heart to Heart” (FIG. 1) as follows:

9 – 12      First corner “Left Shoulder Pass and Turn” from the sideline, 1st couple dancing a quick left hand turn on bar 12 to face 2nd corners.

13 - 16     Second corner “Left Shoulder Pass and Turn,” 1st couple passing left shoulder (no hands) to 2nd place on their own side on bar 16.

17 – 20    1st couple and 3rd couple set and link.  (FIG. 2)  3rd couple finish in sideline woman facing down, man facing up (no long turns).

21 – 24    3rd man with 2nd couple at the top, also 3rd woman with 1st couple at the bottom, 3 hands once round to the left (FIG. 3).  3rd couple drop hands by the end of bar 23 to finish: 

               2nd couple in 1st place facing down, nearer hands joined;

               3rd couple in 2nd place facing out and up (no long turns);

               1st couple in 3rd place facing up, nearer hands joined.  (FIG. 4)

25 – 32    All 3 couples dance mirror reels of 3 in the sidelines, taking hands wherever possible.

               2nd woman and 3rd woman pass left shoulder while 2nd man and 3rd man pass right shoulder to begin.


Dancers finish in the order 2, 3, 1 ready to repeat the dance from new positions.


Note:  The dancing couple describes a floor pattern of two interlocking hearts as they execute bars 9-16.

                                                                                                                                                  April 2004