Song of the Saltire

for the members of the Greensboro Scottish Country Dance Society

with thanks for a memorable St. Andrew’s Day 20th anniversary weekend!



Original Tune:  ‘The Falls of Moira’ (John Turner)  © Fiddletree Music, 1986.


Suggested Recording:  ‘’ from        by



4 x 40S for 4 couples in a 4C set                     devised by Moira Turner


In this dance 3rd & 4th couples start on opposite sides of the dance.


1 – 4        All turn partner two hands opening out to four hands half round to the left, 1st couple with 2nd couple, and 3rd couple with 4th couple.

5 - 6         All turn partner two hands,

7 – 8        1st couple and 4th couple opening out to four hands half round to the left


               2nd couple and 3rd couple pass partner right shoulder to finish in original sideline.

9 - 12       From the circle (not the sideline) and turning towards each other to face out and take nearer hands, 4th woman and 1st man, also 4th man and 1st woman, dance out between 2nd & 3rd couples, cast individually around the nearest corner person, dance up nearer hands joined with partner, and curve round to finish on the 1st or 2nd corner diagonal, as appropriate, facing the corner person they cast around and forming a St. Andrew’s cross.

13 – 16    All set, then 1st couple and 4th couple turn corners left hand.

17 - 24     1st couple and 4th couple dance right hands across once round.

21 – 24 Retaining hands, 4th couple cross up WHILE 1st couple cross down, and all cast to progressed positions.  (2,4,1,3)   

25 – 40    All dance Rights & Lefts for four couples.  (See below.)


Repeat from new positions.

 November, 2004




Rights & Lefts for Four Couples


This formation takes 16 bars to execute and uses 16 traveling steps.

The formation begins with all four couples on the sidelines facing their partners across the set.


1 – 2        All 4 couples, giving right hand to partner, cross over to change sides.

3 – 4 Standard 1st woman & 3rd man positions, also standard 2nd woman & 4th man positions, giving left hand, change places diagonally


               Standard 1st man & 2nd man positions, also standard 3rd woman & 4th woman positions, giving left hand, change places on the sideline.

5 – 16      Repeat bars 1 – 4 three times more until back in starting positions.

 November, 2004