A Tribute to the Tolers

For Greg and Mabel Toler, SCD-Richmond dancers, in appreciation of all they do for the group



Original Tune:  by John Turner © Fiddletree Music 2008


Suggested Recordings:


8 x 32S for 3 couples in a 4 couple set                                                     devised by Stella Fogg and Moira Turner




1 - 8

1st couple dance reels of three on opposite sides finishing in partner’s place.

9 - 12

1st couple turn right hand and cast off one place.  2nd couple step up on bars 11 and 12.

13 - 16

1st couple dance half figures of eight, first man up round 2nd couple and 1st woman down round 3rd couple to finish in 2nd place own side.


Heart to Heart”

17 - 20

1st corner “Left Shoulder Pass and Turn” from the sideline, 1st couple dancing a quick left hand turn on bar 20 to face 2nd corner.

21 - 24

2nd corner “Left Shoulder Pass and Turn,” 1st couple passing left shoulder (no hands) to 2nd place on their own side on bar 24.



25 - 32

1st couple dance down between 3rd couple and cast up round them to 2nd place; dance up between 2nd couple and cast off round them to 2nd place own side.


Repeat from new positions.

                                        October, 2006